New phase of matter with 2D time created in quantum computer

Christel Deskins

Quantum computers hold the promise of revolutionising information technology by utilising the whacky physics of quantum mechanics. But playing with strange, new machinery often throws up even more interesting and novel physics. This is precisely what has happened to quantum computing researchers in the US. Reported in Nature, physicists who […]

Should You Choose a Laptop or PC for Gaming?

Willy Urias

Gamers are now playing games on high-power laptops, which have been designed for such purposes. Portability is one of the main reasons why gamers are opting for laptops over PC. However, gamers are still divided between the  PC and laptops for which offers a better gaming experience. Gamers consider the […]

How the non-tech savvy can avoid the doctor’s office

Christel Deskins

According to a recent Gallup poll, four in five Americans believe it is risky to go to health care facilities right now. COVID-19 has made telemedicine the norm for regular checkups, bringing doctors straight to patients’ living rooms through screens. Telemedicine provides a safer alternative, but for some technology challenged […]

Physics – Quantum for All

Christel Deskins

Irfan Siddiqi1, Darío Gil2, and Joseph S. Broz3 1University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, USA 2IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA 3Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), Arlington, VA, USA September 14, 2020• Physics 13, 143 Propelling the development of quantum technologies will require widespread literacy about […]

How to Avoid Tech Neck in the Age of Zoom

Christel Deskins

In our modern world, tech neck was already a burgeoning phenomenon—but in the age of lockdown, where many have made the transition to work-from-home and are holding meetings virtually, it’s taken on a new life. As the name implies, tech neck is repeatedly hanging your head down and forward to […]

How to use the Continue on PC feature in Windows 10

Christel Deskins

By connecting your smartphone to your Windows 10 PC you can use the Continue on PC feature to quickly and easily share websites between devices. Image: NicoElNino, Getty Images/iStockphoto For many, especially those who find themselves working from home or on the road, the smartphone is used as an extension […]

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