7 Tips that Should Help in Saving Battery Life on Your Phone

Willy Urias

There are various situations you could find yourself in life. The worst of them all is arguably a power drained phone.

Oh, the terrible, terrible torture! You can’t even check your emails or be informed about the latest trends on social media. There are lots of proven methods you can use to save battery life on your iPhone, from manually controlling the fast drain of battery life to using battery saving IOS apps. ReviewsBird.com offers reviews and advice on ios app methods that’ll help you with this.

Seven tips you can use for saving iPhone battery life includes:

  1. Adjust your audio volume

A high sound volume will drain your battery life. You can adjust the sound volume by

  • Asking Siri to turn down the volume
  • Using the volume down buttons
  • Reduce notification sounds
  • Using the silent mode.
  1. Adjust your screen brightness

You can easily prevent fast battery drainage by activating auto-brightness. This is perfect as it adjusts brightness according to your lighting needs. You can also do this by navigating to settings and manually tapping on the display and illumination.

  1. Turn off notifications

With every notification, be it from your email or social media or received messages, your phone comes on every time. Now, you should prioritize the apps you want notifications turned on for. The lesser apps, the better.

  1. Use optimal iPhone temperatures

The iPhones ideal temperature is between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius (32 -95F). Higher temperatures will cause your iPhone to overheat; this, in turn, will make your battery drain faster. You’ll feel it when your phone is overheating. What you should do in that case is to always keep your phone out of direct heat and sunlight.

  1. Turn on airplane mode

Airplane mode is handy if you need to save power on your phone. You can turn the airplane mode on by tapping the icon on the control panel. You use less power when the airplane mode is turned on because you have fewer apps running, halting connection and notifications.

  1. Using low power mode

When the battery life of your iPhone becomes low (below 20%), your iPhone notifies you, and you’d be able to use the low power mode. This optimizes your phone’s performance, reducing apps running in the background but still enables you to use the internet, make phone calls, and receive emails and messages. This mode turns off when you’re charging your device.

  1. Software update

iPhone users that are not using the latest versions of iOS can update their iOS software.  Using outdated versions will cause you to consume more battery power than necessary since you need more processing power to run apps.

The above tips are the major ways to prevent excessive iPhone battery drainage. The problem of battery drainage is inevitable as you will not always have access to charging ports. To make sure you can still charge the battery, a power bank may come in handy. Follow this advice to have a longer-lasting battery.

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