Here’s a List of Portable Tech Gadgets You’ll Want to Use Every Day

Electronics are getting smaller and smaller, and we all seem to have our own special must-have gadgets that we never leave home without. You undoubtedly have a smartphone with you whenever you leave the house, but that’s not to say there couldn’t be a few more conveniences. If you’re in the market for some new tech or a few cool add-ons, we’ve rounded up a large handful of palm-sized devices to add to your EDC loadout. If you know where to look, you can get affordable prices on key finders, SD cards, car USB chargers, headphones, portable speakers, and more.

Below are some of our favorite portable tech deals going right now, from a folding keyboard to a cheap smartwatch. Not only do these deals fit in your pocket, but they’re also generally cheap enough that you can fit them into your budget, as well.

Tile Mate Item Finder 4-Pack

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How to buy an unlocked phone in 2020, according to a tech expert

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When it’s time to buy a new phone, many people head down to their local Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T store — or their respective booths at Best Buy — to see what’s on the shelves. This is an easy, straightforward way to buy a phone. But it’s not always the best way. You can also buy phones directly from the manufacturer, from a third-party retailer like Amazon, or through a used or refurbished marketplace.

And doing so comes with a lot of advantages.

You aren’t locked to one mobile carrier

When you buy a phone from your carrier, it’s locked to that

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This Was the Tech My Dad Banned in Our House When I Was a Kid

Apple’s logo from 1977 to 1999.

Apple’s logo from 1977 to 1999.
Graphic: Apple (Other)

Where technology was concerned, my dad liked things that were cheap. He liked things that did what they supposed to do. And he didn’t like being hassled. Anything else, and he’d excommunicate an entire company it forever, even if the quality improved down the road. His victims were marked by derisive nicknames: Internet Exploder; Packard-Hell; America Offline. The man was fiercely stuck in his ways, and his frustrating quirks of consumption became the rule of law for our household growing up.

You see, my dad was a hardware engineer. He didn’t talk much about the work he did, which I think involved designing circuit boards and working on EMVs—those chips we all have in our debit and credit cards. But his real passion was computers: specifically, Windows-based computers. Gadgets have since become my passion, as well as the

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Leading Textile Tech Innovators Unite to Create World’s First Garment fully powered by HeiQ Viroblock

Christel Deskins

JUST5 is a multi-functional and fashionable jacket with every component powered by HeiQ Viroblock to protect them from spoilage by contaminating microorganisms in just five minutes. The treatment does not protect the wearer or others against food-borne (or disease-causing) bacteria. But the jacket sets up a highly effective barrier to shield the wearer from spoiling contaminants in the surrounding.

Designed and Developed for the Unstoppables
JUST5 is an initiative by 5 leading material manufacturers and features many life-enhancing gadgets. All the components of JUST5 jacket have been developed by leading companies in textile innovation. All components are individually available for any  apparel or home textile brands to create their own innovations.

5 innovative components

  1. 2A-NYGUARD NYSHIELD zippers – Zippers are touched often throughout the day. These self-sanitizing zippers will restore its usability in just five minutes after every touch. 2A is a pioneer in zipper production in Europe since the
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Best dog tech: Toys, gadgets, and services for your pup

Christel Deskins

International Dog Day lands on Wednesday, Aug. 26 this year, and there’s really no better way to celebrate than by giving your pup a gift. Because we’re all about tech (and pups) at ZDNet, we rounded up a few gadgets, gizmos, and subscriptions to consider. All these are well-reviewed across the internet, and many of them cost less than $100. 

We even included a few non-techie items at the bottom in case your dog isn’t interested in the latest hardware. Either way, we’re sure you’ll find something no matter your budget.

Embark Breed and Health Kit


So, this first one is more for mom and dad — but c’mon! How cool would it be to find out Spot’s exact breed makeup and whether they’re predisposed to any genetic diseases? While Embark’s top-of-the-line Breed and Health Kit is more expensive than some of the others, it is the highest rated dog

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Tech Smart: Android Earthquake detection, Microsoft Duo and Cadillac’s all-electric SUV

Christel Deskins

Android Earthquake Features

Google is going to automatically send earthquake early warning alerts to Android users in California.

Google is collaborating with the USGS and its Shake Alert System, which uses signals from more than 700 seismometers across California.

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It sounds like the alerts will be similar to Amber alerts and delivered to phones by default unless you disable them. There will be no extra apps necessary to install.

Additionally, Google is turning every Android phone into a mini earthquake detector using the sensors in phones from around the world to create their own crowdsourced data network.

“Having many Android phones out there that means that there’s a lot of chances of detecting an earthquake pretty early on as it’s just starting and then be able to warn people further away, ‘hey, this way is coming

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CityLab Daily: Wearable Tech Enters the Fight Against Covid-19

Christel Deskins

Healthy surveillance: Wearable technologies like Fitbits show promise for detecting subtle early signs of Covid-19 infection and limiting asymptomatic spread. These devices monitor heart rate, sleep levels and physical activity patterns, and changes could help researchers identify infections before people present symptoms. But problems abound with real-world applications, Laura Bliss reports.

For one, most programs using the technology require participants to own their own devices, pricing out those who can’t afford a $50 to $400 gadget. There are also privacy concerns, particularly for studies in Black communities. Programs that strap tracking devices to the wrists of Black people recall an odious history of racist experimentation in the U.S. Now, proponents of the wearable-technology solution are working with community health workers to try to assuage some concerns among Black Americans and conduct studies responsibly. Today on CityLab: Wearable Tech Enters the Fight Against Covid-19

-Alex Wittenberg

More on CityLab

What we’re

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Daily Deals: Use this Code to Save an Extra 15% on Tech, Gadgets, and Electronics

Christel Deskins

You can actually find some of the best tech deals at eBay right now. There is an extra 15% off tech and electronic items such as laptops, graphics cards, monitors, and more when using code PACKUP15 at checkout. You can save up to £60 on whatever you choose, but this is a great deal and well worth considering as an alternative to the usual tech retailers.There are also some awesome gaming deals available at the moment online, with plenty of digital titles getting a significant discount right now. One of the best deals is on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order for Xbox One, with the Deluxe Edition down to £19.79 from £69.99. You can also find the new Horizon Zero Dawn PC port for just £29.99, or Microsoft Flight Simulator for just £53.99.

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Award-Winning Tech and Gadgets to Kick Off the School Year

Christel Deskins

A new school year often means loading up on the latest and greatest tech products. However, considering the new reality of remote or in-person classes and study sessions, as well as the convoluted market (new products are dropping almost on a weekly basis), we figured you might need some help.

a close up of a sign: After countless hours of research and testing, we present you our favorite tech products you need in your life for the upcoming school year. The award-winning gadgets range from feature-packed laptops and smartphones, all the way to affordably priced accessories for them.

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After countless hours of research and testing, we present you our favorite tech products you need in your life for the upcoming school year. The award-winning gadgets range from feature-packed laptops and smartphones, all the way to affordably priced accessories for them.

So we spent countless hours researching and testing today’s best back-to-school tech products in a number of categories, whittling down all that’s out there to a select few products that are certain to help you conquer what life throws at you, both in and out of the classroom.

The award-winning products are divided into several

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These best-selling tech gadgets are on sale this week

Christel Deskins

With summer in full force, there are a huge number of sales hitting the web, and now is the time to pull the trigger and buy all that great gear you’ve been eyeing all year. From flash drives and telephoto kits to Bluetooth headphones and Google Home accessories, this list has something for every tech-lover, and each item is on sale for a limited time. Enjoy.

1. Sinji Smartphone Telephoto Kit

MSRP: $56 | Sale Price: $24.95 (54% off)

Take your photography game to the next level with this powerful and portable telephoto kit. You’ll be able to snap shots with 12x magnification, and an adjustable tripod stand will give you the stability you need to capture the perfect photo in any environment.

2. Jam Audio Tune In Neckband Style Bluetooth Headphones

MSRP: $50 | Sale Price: $29.95 (40% off)

These best-selling Bluetooth headphones are a must-have item for serious

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