Why your website’s lack of accessibility options is opening you up to lawsuits

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve all experienced a dramatic shift in our relationships with our devices. For a world that’s already become addicted to the internet, this addiction suddenly transitioned into an extreme and all-out dependence.

We became reliant on the internet for work and school, switching from in-person to virtual meetings, email, and chat apps. We now need the internet more than ever to keep us informed and entertained, ward off loneliness, and generally keep us sane by providing a window into what’s going on beyond our four walls.

In some cases, we even became reliant on the internet for basic needs, like groceries, medication deliveries, and essential information about COVID — from how to protect yourself to keeping up with new social distancing regulations.

But imagine how different your life would have been these past few months if you were only able to access a small percentage of the

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