The 20 best true crime podcasts to kill your free time


The best true crime podcasts are hard to listen to. They’re stories of often the most horrific moments of people’s lives, not entertainment. But, the best ones, and the reason we listen at all, are the podcasts with their eyes on justice. The ones forensically searching for answers even after official investigations have long since gone cold. There are also the true crime podcasts giving survivors a voice and those telling stories that we would otherwise have never known. 

So whether you want your stories from two LA comedians in My Favourite Murder, or directly from those who experienced them in the truly exceptional Criminal, the best true crime podcasts can deliver tales of survival and endurance in many different ways. 

It’s also more important than ever to talk about true crime and the systemic racism that enables so much of it in the world today. Many of the

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The Best Movies Available to Watch for Free Online

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With HBO Max having launched in May and NBCUniversal’s Peacock looking to enter living rooms in July, the number of streaming platforms for consumers to choose from continues to multiply. It can be easy to get lost in that shuffle and forget that there are a vast number of films that are already available to watch online without any cost of admission at all. Services like YouTube and Tubi have quietly accrued brimming libraries with the only cost being an occasional ad break and a sturdy internet connection. These include classics that have entered the public domain, like Orson Welles’ “The Stranger” and Stanley Donen’s “Charade.” Some newer films are simply available through licensing agreements, parts of a cycle of free content to get to before they expire and are replaced by other films.

As these libraries continue to fluctuate, it’s easy to

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9 Free (Or Cheap) Ways To Do Your Taxes Online

The IRS has pushed Tax Day 2020 to July 15th in light of the coronavirus outbreak. This delay now applies to both filing federal returns and federal tax payments, and many states are following suit and extending their tax deadline too.

July 15th might seem like a long time away, but experts are still recommending that you file as soon as possible. Hopefully you’ve already gathered your documents and have decided whether it’s a good idea for you to do your own taxes. Now, you might also might want to start figuring out where you’re going to file this year.

How you choose to file will depend on your particular tax situation. For instance, if you are a full-time employee and only have one W-2 to deal with, the process will likely be more straightforward and you can probably save a lot of money by filing yourself online.

If you

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Kids Can Take Free Online Drawing Classes From Disney Right Now

There is a lot about these past few months that have been strange and challenging. As more parents than ever are juggling working from home and caring for the kids, we have had to find creative ways to make the seemingly impossible juggle happen. Young kids, who are used to being fully engaged in daycare or school, now have to find ways to entertain themselves. And as parents, we have to find those activities that our kids can do on their own that allow us to get through another Zoom call or finish up our deadline.

Thankfully, the internet exists and with it comes a whole slew of activities that we can throw at our kids to keep their brain from turning to mush and our sanity intact. One of these activities comes from the a company that knows who to engage kid’s imagination–Disney. The company has released a collection

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Taco Bell’s website and app crash after the chain offers free Chalupa boxes

The same day Taco Bell offered free Chalupa Cravings Boxes to people who registered as users online or on the app, both platforms crashed.

“Our teams are aware that some users are unable to access our website or app at the moment due to higher than normal traffic,” the company wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “We’re working to get this fixed as soon as possible. Still need help? DM us.”

On Monday, news spread that Taco Bell would give away a $5 Chalupa Cravings Box to customers who registered as a user online or on the app.

The Chalupa Cravings Box includes a Chalupa

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Free events and services to watch online while self-quarantining

As novel coronavirus spreads throughout the United States, millions of Americans are spending more time at home.

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But whether you’re doing so because of a job loss, working from home situation or otherwise taking part in the mass effort to stay safe, chances are you’ve been bored once or twice while living under quarantine.

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Thankfully, some very talented people have been creating extra-special performances and experiences that you can enjoy to help you cope with the new normal and that don’t break any social distancing rules. Additionally, some services are extending their free trial periods or dropping their paywalls in order for you to access their content.

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To help navigate the Golden Age of “Quaranstreaming,” “GMA” presents this guide of

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