Travel flourished after the Spanish flu pandemic, and it will again after this

"Train travel hasn't lost its glamour" - getty
“Train travel hasn’t lost its glamour” – getty

The founder of the award-winning seat61.com rail website tells of the journeys that inspired him, his proposal on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the way Covid-19 will impact on travel – and how the 2020s may yet be another golden age for the train.

How did you begin travelling

My first solo overseas trip was to the Isle of Wight aged 13. I’d saved up £2.73 for a half-fare cheap day return by train to Portsmouth and ferry to Ryde. That’s where it all started. The next big landmark was an Interrail trip aged 19 travelling to Greece through the Balkans; where a guard stamped my passport, clicked his heels and said ‘welcome to Yugoslavia!’.

Is it just about trains?

If you love travel then the journey is just as important as the destination. You want to be treated like a human being and

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