Social media firms make $1bn a year from anti-vax followers, report says

Conspiracy theorists at Hyde Park Corner on 16 May 2020 in London: Getty
Conspiracy theorists at Hyde Park Corner on 16 May 2020 in London: Getty

Social media platforms are making up to $1bn a year from people following anti-vaccine misinformation that could cause “tens of thousands” of coronavirus deaths, researchers say.

The Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) said the number of people viewing pages and posts claiming that a Covid-19 vaccine is unnecessary or would pose a health risk had risen dramatically during the pandemic.

Despite pledges by Facebook and others to crack down on harmful posts, a report found that at least 57 million users now follow anti-vaxxers on mainstream platforms across the UK and US – up 7.7 million since the start of the outbreak.

A YouGov poll suggested that almost one in five British adults say they would refuse the injection if it becomes available, and a further 15 per cent are unsure.

The research suggested that people

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3 Media Firms Set to Gain From OTT Releases of Movies

Coronavirus has put the movie industry in a fix. Not only have stay-at-home orders and rapidly rising infections around the country put a hold on new projects but also made it difficult for movies to release with proper screening, given that theatres around the country are shut as well. However, filmmakers figured another way to do business as usual with an over-the-top release (OTT).

In fact, given the surge in demand for streaming services and their subscriptions during the lockdown, getting to the target audience and generating revenues via OTT isn’t a bad idea. Let’s thus take a look at some streaming services that can make the most of this trend.

Coronavirus Impacting Movie Industry

Since coronavirus confined people to their homes for a few months earlier this year, most of them took to watching shows online via their favorite streaming applications. The closure of theatres and the inability to

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