Release Calendar for July 3, Plus Where to Watch the Latest Films

Staying home? Good. Looking for something new to watch while you do it? Even better! As the world shifts to accommodate a wide range of in-home viewing options for movie lovers, it’s not just platforms that are expanding, it’s the very type of films they host. There’s more than ever to sift through, and IndieWire is here to help you do just that.

This week’s new releases include Netflix Originals, fresh VOD offerings, new studio releases now available in the comfort of your own home, and a variety of exciting virtual cinema picks. Browse your options below.

“Family Romance, LLC” (directed by Werner Herzog)
Distributor: MUBI
Where to Find It: Streaming on MUBI

A scrappy drama shot on the fly during a stopover in Japan, Werner Herzog’s minor-key story revolves around Japan’s bizarre rent-a-family business, a concept so Herzogian it’s a wonder the filmmaker didn’t dream it up on his … Read More

10 Films and Events Worth Your Time at YouTube’s Global Online Film Festival

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In a normal year, the biggest film event in May would be the Cannes Film Festival. Now, summer has started with all of its prominent film events canceled or transformed, but Tribeca Enterprises and YouTube have found one way to keep programmers busy. We Are One: A Global Film Festival starts May 29 at, and continues for 10 days with a slew of films and pre-recorded conversations from 21 festivals. The selections will stream for free on YouTube during their scheduled times.

Of course, it’s easy enough to get lost on YouTube, but the We Are One programming has enough reliable perspectives to make the exploration worthwhile: Participating festivals include Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Toronto, New York, BFI London, Karlovy Vary, and Locarno. While only 13 of the 100 films are world premieres, the lineup provides a diverse window into different curatorial

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