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Adulting isn’t always easy. What with having to hold down a job, pay bills on time, maintain a social life, and stay in contact with friends and family, most of us don’t have time to restock the fridge, let alone the bathroom cabinet or coffee pot.

That’s where subscription boxes come in. As well as making ideal gifts, these delivered-to-door services alleviate the task of regular online shopping or the pain of going to the shops, which means you can spend more time doing, well, just about anything else.

With that nirvana firmly in mind, we went in search of the best subscription boxes for men.

After a month of snacking, sipping, showering, shaving and spritzing, we came up with a list of the top 12 – each tested for its ability to make life easier, more fun or just generally a little more bearable.

From the services

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