Kenya and Nigeria are saving millions of dollars with local exchanges to boost internet speeds

Governments in Africa, internet service providers, and even some of the biggest global tech companies, are working towards the same goal to make internet access cheaper and faster.

Current evidence suggests there is a long way to go as Africa ranks as the regional highest for costs and regional lowest for speeds.

Boosting internet access on the continent will ultimately comprise of filling a range of gaps from undersea cables, in-country fiber optic networks and infrastructure to enabling local regulation. Just as crucial however, are local internet exchange points (IXP) where service providers and network operators exchange internet traffic.

Essentially, having more local points will ensure faster traffic exchanges and translate to better experiences for end users by cutting down on latency. In the absence of local exchange points, the alternative for service providers is to pay higher rates for international exchanges as transit points for content. As Quartz Africa

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Amazon Launches Smart Stores to Boost Retail Hold in India

Amazon AMZN is sparing no effort to strengthen the retail business in India. This is evident from its new initiative, Smart Stores, which provides the stores with digital log software and a QR code.

The new initiative enables India-based local stores to offer customers with contactless discovery of their products and make payments online.

Under the program, customers will first need to scan the QR code using the Amazon app. This code allows the customers to explore and select the products available within the store. Once the customers have finalized their products, they can then make the payment using UPI, credit and debit cards or directly through their Amazon Pay balance.

Once the transaction is completed, the bill will be delivered digitally to the customer, making it a hassle-free process in today’s time wherein visiting shops is a big risk.

Notably, Amazon has partnered with more than 10,000 such shops

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