Dogs And July 4 Fireworks Don’t Mix: Check Deerfield Shelters

DEERFIELD, IL — Charlie, Lucy and all the other family dogs making your lives richer are more likely to run away on July 4-5 than at any other time of the year as they flee in terror from the booming fireworks displays commemorating Independence Day.

This year, cities and groups across America, including in Deerfield, have canceled a slew of Fourth of July fireworks displays to discourage large crowds where the coronavirus can easily spread. Charlie and Lucy probably haven’t noticed.

In the past, dog owners have had more control over when or if their pets are exposed to loud fireworks. But now, several cities have reported spikes in the number of people shooting off illegal fireworks since the pandemic began.

In Hartford, Connecticut, for example, illegal fireworks have been popping off for months. The police chief there said dispatchers field about 200 noise complaints a day about bottle rockets,

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The best virtual escape rooms to play online with friends


We could all do with a bit of escapism from reality at the minute, as lockdown continues in the UK.

Escape rooms are very popular with groups who love a challenge, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, all of them in the UK have closed their doors for the foreseeable.

But during lockdown, escape rooms have come online instead to make socialising with your friends adrenaline-pumping.

Other games have become popular too while we spend more time at home. If you need some inspiration, we’ve rounded up the best apps that you can play games on with friends and family here.

As with physical escape rooms, the mission is as the name suggests – to escape the room – through a series of problem-solving missions and teamwork. Here are a few of our favourites.

You can trust our independent round-ups. We may earn commission from some of the retailers,

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Kids Can Take Free Online Drawing Classes From Disney Right Now

There is a lot about these past few months that have been strange and challenging. As more parents than ever are juggling working from home and caring for the kids, we have had to find creative ways to make the seemingly impossible juggle happen. Young kids, who are used to being fully engaged in daycare or school, now have to find ways to entertain themselves. And as parents, we have to find those activities that our kids can do on their own that allow us to get through another Zoom call or finish up our deadline.

Thankfully, the internet exists and with it comes a whole slew of activities that we can throw at our kids to keep their brain from turning to mush and our sanity intact. One of these activities comes from the a company that knows who to engage kid’s imagination–Disney. The company has released a collection

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How to identify why you can’t connect to the internet and troubleshoot accordingly

Before you call your provider, there are a few ways you can troubleshoot your poor internet connection.
Before you call your provider, there are a few ways you can troubleshoot your poor internet connection.

apomares/Getty Images

  • Your internet may not be working for several reasons, including issues related to your device, its signal strength, or your router. 

  • It can be difficult to identify the source of internet connectivity problems, so you may have to run multiple tests to pinpoint the issue. 

  • If you can’t troubleshoot the issue yourself, calling your internet provider is your best bet. 

  • Visit Business Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is when your internet stops working. And it can be tough to know why. Is it your device? Your router? Your internet provider? Local power issues? 

Finding the answer to why your internet isn’t working usually requires a bit of troubleshooting. 

How to troubleshoot your internet connection if it isn’t working

To save

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YouTube cuts off Shane Dawson’s ad money

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson

YouTube has stopped allowing Shane Dawson to make money from adverts on his three channels, which have 34 million subscribers between them.

The decision comes after the vlogger apologised for having uploaded multiple offensive videos, including appearing in blackface and using racial slurs.

On Friday, Dawson posted a video titled Taking Accountability, in which he apologised for such content.

“I should lose everything,” he said. “I have put so much hate on the internet.”

Dawson became one of the streaming giant’s original stars after launching ShaneDawsonTV in 2008, building a reputation as an online shock jock of sorts.

The 31-year-old has 22.4 million subscribers on his main channel, but has lost almost a million subscribers in the past month, according to tracker Socialblade.

In the past, he has also posted videos insulting people living with disabilities, and joked about paedophilia and hypothetically murdering a woman.


YouTube confirmed

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Get to Know the Designer Creating Upcycled Corsets From Vintage Nike Sweats and Budweiser Towels

Kayla Sade Famurewa of Almost On Time may have never been to fashion school, but she’s quickly proving herself a name to know.

<em>Designer Kayla Sade Famurewa wearing an upcycled Almost On Time corset.</em>
Designer Kayla Sade Famurewa wearing an upcycled Almost On Time corset.

When Kayla Sade Famurewa sold her first upcycled corset — made from thrifted Nike sweats — in April, it wasn’t with the intention to make a name for herself. 

“It was the beginning of the quarantine, and I wanted to make a cozy corset that I would wear around the house with sweatpants,” she tells Fashionista. 

But the San Francisco-based designer’s pieces were too unique to escape notice for long. Made from clothing (and the occasional Budweiser beer towel) she thrifted from local secondhand stores, Famurewa’s unusual corsets immediately stood out from the sea of clothing on Depop, where she first started selling. Her creative project, which she entitled Almost On Time, soon attracted a wide

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How to handle financial anxiety during a pandemic

Stress levels have gone up during the pandemic both over health fears and economic uncertainty. Photo: Getty
Stress levels have gone up during the pandemic both over health fears and economic uncertainty. Photo: Getty

Millions of Brits are coping with stress and anxiety as they deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as well as the economic fallout as a result of COVID-19. When the UK’s lockdown began, nearly half of people experienced “high” anxiety, according to the Office for National Statistics, particularly the self-employed and those renting. Anxiety levels were highest among an estimated 8.6 million people whose income fell.

Although lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease and people are returning to work, the virus is continuing to impact our lives. The economic disruption has placed many financially vulnerable people in danger of further hardship.

More than one third (34%) of UK adults surveyed and in full-time work are concerned about losing their jobs, according to a survey of 4,246 adults aged 18 and over by the

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How new North American trade pact will impact autos, digital trade, drugs

(Reuters) – The U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) will launch on Wednesday, replacing the 26-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as the global economy and international trade reel from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

The flow of goods among the three USMCA members – which totaled $1.2 trillion last year – in April dropped to the lowest level in more than a decade. Meanwhile, the jailing of a Mexican labor lawyer and independent union leader has reignited concern about the challenges of meeting the USMCA’s labor rights provisions.

Some industries, including automakers, had been arguing for a delayed implementation of the new trade pact because of the difficulties they are facing from the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some of the key changes the new regional pact will usher in:


One of the biggest changes requires increased North American content in cars built in the region, to 75% from

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How to download YouTube videos

How to download YouTube videos
How to download YouTube videos

In this time of ubiquitous internet and abundance of content, downloading videos to your hard drive is rarely necessary. But sometimes, an important video can be hard to find, or can even be permanently removed from a platform, in which case it’s not a bad idea to have a personal copy.

Say you’ve encountered a cool YouTube video and want to download it for your archive to make sure you still have it in case it disappears. YouTube has no easy “download” button, so how do you download a video off the platform?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to grab a YouTube video fairly easily, and in good quality. However, before we continue, note that downloading videos from the regular, free version of YouTube is against the site’s terms of service. And this brings another problem: Because of this, many of the ways to

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Facebook Critics Target One Thing CEO Won’t Cede: Control

(Bloomberg) —

Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg took the unusual step on Friday of publicly broadcasting a weekly Q&A with employees. Over a live video feed, the CEO announced a series of updates to Facebook’s policies around hate speech — the central topic fueling a growing boycott of Facebook advertising.

But the new policies, like labeling posts from public figures who break its terms of service, didn’t assuage critics. The coalition of civil rights groups organizing the boycott called the announcement “a small number of small changes.” Demands like adding a high-ranking executive focused on civil rights, providing face-to-face customer service for hate speech victims and removing extra protections for elected leaders were still unmet.

And, though it wasn’t officially included on their public list of proposed changes, the boycott organizers also have a more fundamental complaint: Zuckerberg has too much control.

“Mark Zuckerberg has way too much

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