Loss of international students could damage US economy, experts say, as Trump seeks visa restrictions

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The world of higher education, already struggling to cope amid the COVID-19 pandemic, was rocked last week when the Trump administration issued a regulation that would prevent international students from entering the country in addition to compelling thousands already in the U.S. to leave if enrolled in schools that plan to teach exclusively online in the fall.

“These students and their families have invested so much hope and money — in some cases, their families’ life savings — to get an American education,” Kavita Daiya, an associate professor of English at George Washington University, told ABC News. “By being here, they bring so much talent and knowledge to our communities. To force them to leave is to betray the promise of opportunity and fairness that undergirds American higher education.”

It could also cost the U.S. tens of billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

MORE: Harvard, MIT sue Trump administration

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Amazon’s smart shopping cart knows what you’re getting, displays your subtotal

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Amazon's latest grocery cart invention lets you skip the checkout line.
Amazon’s latest grocery cart invention lets you skip the checkout line.

Amazon has created a smart shopping cart that knows what you’re selecting and can charge you for it without a cashier. 

It’s called the “Amazon Dash Cart” and the idea is to make “a quick grocery trip even quicker by allowing you to skip the checkout line,” the e-commerce giant said in a post on Tuesday. 

The Dash Cart largely looks like a typical shopping cart, only bulkier at the bottom. 

Patrons will use their Amazon account’s unique QR code to sign-in to the cart, according to a video the company posted on its website. Then you add your shopping bags to the cart and proceed to shop around the store. 

The buggy uses computer vision and a sensor to identify which groceries you’ve selected. And upon exiting the store’s designated Dash Cart lane, sensors will identify the cart

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Here’s How You Can Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor Right Now

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Photo credit: Khadija Horton
Photo credit: Khadija Horton

From Cosmopolitan

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old award-winning EMT, was killed by police officers shortly after midnight on March 13 in Louisville, Kentucky. Officers barged into her home while performing a raid at the wrong apartment before fatally shooting her eight times. Taylor’s murder has recaptured the world’s attention amid the recent Black Lives Matter and George Floyd protests—and people want justice for her.

It’s been four months since Taylor’s death, but the three officers responsible have still not been charged, despite protests, pleas, and even outcry directly from Beyoncé. It’s outrageously clear that people need to take a stand and do anything in their power to make sure justice is served in Taylor’s case.

Even though the Louisville Metro Council recently passed Breonna’s Law, which banned no-knock warrants, her mother, Tamika Palmer, says it’s not enough because the officers who killed Taylor are still free. She

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Paper or e-file? Some July tax filers won’t have choice due to glitch

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It’s tax season in July.

Given that the Internal Revenue Service has been dealing with a backlog of unprocessed paper tax returns, it may be even wiser at this point to e-file your 1040 by July 15, especially if you want to collect a tax refund as quickly as possible and use direct deposit to a bank account. 

The tax filing deadline, which was extended because of the coronavirus crisis, is fast approaching for millions of taxpayers who have yet to file their 2019 federal income tax returns.  

Oddly enough, some people may have little choice but to file a paper return for 2019 because of a computer headache triggered by the use of an online IRS stimulus tool for “non-filers.” It’s not a glitch that will hit everyone, but it’s certainly odd enough to worth noting. 

The rollout of the stimulus payments, officially called the Economic Impact Payment, included

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The newest MacBook Pro just got a $200 price drop, right in time for back to school

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Apple's latest MacBook Pro just got a steep price cut.
Apple’s latest MacBook Pro just got a steep price cut.

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While students across the nation prepare for virtual learning this year via online classes, and many adults continue to work remotely from home, owning a high-speed laptop has never been more essential. Apple, of course, is one of the most dependable brands if you’re looking to invest in a fancy new computer. Its newest MacBook Pro has a stunning display and an array of useful features, but with such renowned quality comes a high price tag. Luckily, you can score an amazing deal on the latest model on Amazon right now.

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For a limited time, the 16-inch MacBook Pro in Space Grey,

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How ‘Take Me to the World’ Became One of the Best Sondheim Concerts Ever

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Raúl Esparza thought he would die of embarrassment when the much-touted April 26 90th birthday concert for Stephen Sondheim didn’t launch on time. The two-and-a-half-hour video file of pre-recorded songs was so huge that it took 45 minutes for Broadway.com to upload. There was nothing the concert host and Broadway theater star could do but wait for the event to be ready to blast out to the world. If anything, the technical glitch, which instantly built into a social media hailstorm via such #Sondheim90 tweeters and concert participants as @Lin_Manuel and @RandyRainbow, increased viewership when “Take Me to the World: A Sondheim 90th Birthday Celebration” finally hit YouTube.

So far, the concert held on the 50th anniversary of the opening of Sondheim’s original Broadway production of “Company” has been viewed 2.2 million times and raised over $500 million for ASTEP (Artists Striving To

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Higher PC Shipment Amid Pandemic Set to Drive These 3 Funds

Christel Deskins

In second-quarter 2020, sales of personal computers rebounded rather strongly thanks to the overwhelming number of students studying online and the vast number of employees working from home. After offices and schools across the United States were forced to close because of the pandemic, employees and students rushed to equip themselves with the right electronic gears to continue their work and studies from home seamlessly.

This uptick in demand for personal computers has clearly boosted some information technology equities. This is why one may invest in mutual funds that invest in IT and related services to gain from this strong demand.

Surge in PC Sales in the Quarter Ended June

According to Gartner Inc. and International Data Corp., two leading industry-research firms in the United States, personal computer shipments rose considerably during second-quarter 2020.

According to a Gartner report, global PC shipments were 64.8 million units during the said quarter,

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WHO says pandemic worsening; Trump RTs tweet saying CDC ‘lies’; Florida logs second largest number of cases

Christel Deskins

Florida reported another alarming number of new coronavirus cases Monday as President Donald Trump displayed his frustration with the CDC and the World Health Organization’s director warned that the global pandemic is worsening.

“We need to reach a sustainable situation where we have adequate control of this virus without shutting down our lives entirely,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Monday, adding that “lurching from lockdown to lockdown … has a hugely detrimental impact on societies.”

Total confirmed cases across the nation surpassed 3.3 million – about 1% of all Americans have now tested positive since the outbreak began racing across the nation just a few months ago. More than 135,000 Americans have died.

Florida reported more than 12,000 new cases Monday, one day after its 15,000 new cases smashed the daily record for any state since the pandemic began. Florida’s infection total now stands at 282,435 – more than all but

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Trump RTs tweet saying CDC ‘lies’; NYC reports zero deaths; Florida logs second largest number of cases

Christel Deskins

As the pandemic reached new highs in Florida and across the world, New York City provided a glimmer of hope: zero deaths for the first time in four months. 

Total confirmed cases across the nation surpassed 3.3 million – about 1% of all Americans have now tested positive since the outbreak began racing across the nation just a few months ago. More than 135,000 Americans have died.

Florida reported more than 12,000 new cases Monday, one day after its 15,000 new cases smashed the daily record for any state since the pandemic began.

In Washington, President Donald Trump showed little faith in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, retweeting a social media post accusing the agency of “outrageous lies.”

In France, the wife of a bus driver who was beaten to death after he asked four passengers to wear face masks aboard his vehicle called Saturday for “exemplary

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Thousands of Baltimore teens to start summer jobs Monday in YouthWorks program upended by coronavirus pandemic

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When Kalen Jones worked as a patient advocate last summer, his job was what you’d expect: visit with sick and injured people, ask about their experiences and witness the hustle and bustle of a hospital from behind the scenes.

The 16-year-old will report Monday for another summer’s duty, one of 4,500 teens in Baltimore’s YouthWorks program. But this year, he and the other young people will navigate the unpredictable terrain of work life in the coronavirus era.

Kalen, a rising junior at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, said he does not know what to expect when he boots up his computer for his first remote shift at the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Midtown Campus.

“It has been a little complicated. But it is still a great opportunity I can take to prepare myself for the future,” said Kalen, who is thinking about a career as a surgeon.

While many cities, including

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