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How to upload a video to YouTube

As one of the most popular video streaming platforms online, if you want to have your vlog, comedy sketch, or music video seen by someone, getting it on YouTube is a must. Those new to the streaming scene may be wondering how to upload a video to YouTube. We show you in six easy steps.

Note: For this guide, we will assume that you’ve already made your YouTube/Google account. While those starting from scratch will need to do so, there are many elements involved in setup and customization that aren’t covered by this guide.

Step 1: Sign in to your account

How to upload a video to Youtube

Head to the YouTube homepage or YouTube Studio and click the Sign In link in the top right corner. If you have multiple accounts associated with the device you’re using, choose the appropriate one. Enter your password, and you’ll go back

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Digital Identities: Technologies That Propel

In the latest webinar produced by WWD, “Digital Identities,” Robert Pernice, director of global market development, Beauty, Intelligent Labels at Avery Dennison, joined WWD executive editor Arthur Zaczkiewicz to discuss technologies that can help propel the success of beauty brands and retailers in these unprecedented times.

The goal of the webinar was to introduce a new concept for digital in a unique item-level digital identity that can drive retail and operation successes for beauty brands and retailers during and after COVID-19. “Digital has long been important for beauty,” said Pernice. “The most common applications are ones you’re familiar with that help people make shopping decisions. But purchases are also transacted through digital e-comm platforms, and the compelling influence of digital before COVID-19 has only been amplified by the pandemic.”

More from WWD

Avery Dennison, the global material science company and technology leader, specializes in a wide variety of labeling and

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Donald Trump’s Video Removed by Facebook and Twitter for Spreading Misinformation About Coronavirus

Alex Wong/Getty Images Donald Trump

A post from the Donald Trump campaign was removed on Wednesday from Facebook and Twitter for violating the rules of the social media sites.

The post, which was shared by Team Trump, featured a video of the president spreading misinformation about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in an interview on Fox News.

“If you look at children, children are almost — and I would almost say definitely — but almost immune from this disease,” Trump said in the removed video, according to a report from The Washington Post.

Children are not immune to COVID-19. More than 240,000 children have contracted the contagious respiratory virus in the United States, the Post reported.

The Team Trump tweet “is in violation of the Twitter Rules on COVID-19 misinformation,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement to PEOPLE. “The account owner will be required to remove the

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Washington Passes 60,000 Total Coronavirus Cases

SEATTLE, WA — Washington has hit another coronavirus milestone, now officially topping 60,000 cases of the disease. The Washington State Department of Health reported 705 new coronavirus infections Wednesday, as well as five more deaths.

Deaths Wednesday were reported in Grays Harbor, and Spokane County. One death mistakenly assigned to Snohomish County was also moved.

The latest numbers mean a total of 60,084 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the state since the outbreak began, and 1,624 people have died.

Since the crisis began, 51 percent of deaths have been recorded among people aged 80 or older, 38 percent in people age 60 to 79, 9 percent in people age 40 to 59 and 1 percent among people age 20 to 39. Conversely, younger adults make up the bulk of coronavirus cases with 39 percent of cases in patients age 20 to 39.

An issue recording the number

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Master the art of SEO with this discounted course

Master the art of SEO with this discounted course
Master the art of SEO with this discounted course

TL;DR: The Beginner to Advanced SEO course is on sale for £7.62 as of August 6, saving you 79% on list price.

By now, most people have heard the stat that some never venture beyond the first page of Google search results. If you haven’t heard that before, just think about your own searching practices: When was the last time you actually dug that deep? Didn’t think so.

When it comes to getting that coveted spot near the top of page one — and, ultimately, potential customers’ eyes on your site — the name of the game is “search engine optimisation.” In a jargon-free nutshell, SEO is the process of increasing traffic to your site, which can be done by running keyword research and building a mobile-friendly website, among lots of other .

SEE ALSO: Create the next ‘Fortnite’ with this

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10 best places to find dating, sex, and relationship advice

10 best places to find dating, sex, and relationship advice
10 best places to find dating, sex, and relationship advice

For many people, dating can feel like one of the most challenging things in the entire world, to put it bluntly.

Modern-day technology has changed the game. The explosion of dating apps, from Tinder and eHarmony, offer seemingly endless options. But with this new convenience comes the stress of creating the perfect online dating profile, the tricky game of messaging a person you’ve never met, and a whole host of other complex issues. And, as if dating wasn’t hard enough already, the single people of the world now have to do it with the added stress of safely navigating a global pandemic.

But you are not alone! The dating world is challenging … which is why a bunch of helpful dating resources exist. It’s totally OK to seek out help from experts, books, advice columns, apps, podcasts, and more.


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Dr. Anthony Fauci calls US plateau of cases ‘unacceptable’; Beirut explosion devastates ‘struggling’ health system

Days after President Donald Trump defended his administration’s “incredible” handling of the coronavirus outbreak in a widely viewed interview, the nation’s top health official called the country’s response “disparate” and “not as well suited” to the dynamics of the pandemic.

“What happened when the rubber hit the road on this, and we did get hit, we had the kind of response that was not as well suited to what the dynamics of this outbreak is,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said during a Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health forum Wednesday. “What happened is, we had a bit of a disparate response.”

The country’s response has allowed the daily COVID-19 case count to plateau at an “unacceptable level,” Fauci said, warning that the U.S. will continue to “smolder” without a unified effort to stop the virus. 

Here are some significant developments:

  • A deadly explosion that rocked Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut

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What Each King County School District Is Doing This Fall: LIST

KING COUNTY, WA — Earlier this summer Washington’s schools had reason to be optimistic: as coronavirus case counts and transmission rates dipped, the state superintendent ordered schools to prepare to reopen their classrooms for in-person learning in the fall. However, a second surge of the coronavirus has been slamming Washington over the past month, forcing districts to reconsider if they will reopen or resume remotely in the fall.

In late July, Public Health — Seattle & King County voiced support for districts that had already announced extended remote learning plans, citing concerning coronavirus trends.

“When it comes to COVID-19 activity, schools have been put in a position of having to make decisions based on the actions of our entire community, ” said Patty Hayes, the director of public health. “No educator, parent, or public health professional would choose to limit face-to-face interaction that we know is so critical for our

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Buy These 5 Stocks Before It’s Too Late

Earnings season is a great time to dive into stocks because there’s a certain amount of certainty that comes from all the related discussions.

This is when our expectations about the just-concluded quarter are met, exceeded or missed. It’s also when we get a somewhat clearer picture about the next quarter and at times, also the year. So jumping into stocks that have announced resounding beats and encouraging outlooks are a no-brainer.

It also pays to hang around a couple of days to see what impression brokers have come away with. And the best way that is captured is in the estimate revisions. So if management has good things to say about the company and its future and brokers come back with higher estimates, you know for sure that good things are going on.  

But since you’ve waited for the broker reports, some of the good news is likely to

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Smart Shopping App The Yes Serves Up Only Items You’ll Want to Buy

Photo credit: Courtesy of The Yes - Gallery Stock
Photo credit: Courtesy of The Yes – Gallery Stock

From Marie Claire

Like many other trades, the fashion industry is navigating an uncertain future. Luxury brands are short on rent, unable to pay for their Fifth Avenue storefronts, while smaller designers are struggling to stay afloat entirely. Yet Julie Bernstein, formerly the COO of Stitch Fix, has come up with a way to deliver personalized fashion to shoppers amidst the economic downturn—with just a few simple “yes” or “no” questions.

Her free app, The Yes, uses Silicon-Valley technology to curate a tailored shopping experience. In working with more than 150 brands selected by The Yes’s Creative Director, Taylor Tomasi Hill, the app also offers a platform for smaller, privately owned fashion labels to gain notoriety. With The Yes’s virtual storefront model, brands are able to sell their own merchandise directly to the buyer, including some that may be sitting in

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