Apple apologizes to WordPress after App Store payments dispute

Christel Deskins

  • Apple apologized after trying to force WordPress to add in-app payment options to a free app.
  • WordPress’ founder said on Friday that Apple was refusing to allow any updates to the WordPress iOS app until the website builder added in-app purchases, from which Apple takes a commission of 15% to 30%.
  • Apple is in a fierce fight with developers including Spotify and Epic Games, the maker of “Fortnite,” over its rules about in-app purchases.
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Apple has backed down in its latest skirmish with a developer over its App Store rules.

The tech giant on Sunday issued a rare apology to WordPress after it pressured the website builder to add payment options to its free iOS app to avoid being blocked from updating.

“We believe the issue with the WordPress app has been resolved,” Apple told The Verge. “Since the developer removed the display

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Google Fiber will start testing ‘2 Gigabit Internet’ for $100

Christel Deskins

In recent years, Alphabet’s Access division has dropped Fiber’s 100 Mbps plan and traditional TV to streamline offerings for new customers. Google Fiber announced today that it will start testing 2 gigabit plans next month.

This doubling is said to be for “customers in internet-intensive households who may need more than a gig to do their thing, whatever that may be.” It will cost $100 per month for 2 gigabits download and 1 gigabit uploads. This is only $30 more than the existing gigabit plan.

Subscribers will be provided with an unspecified Wi-Fi 6 router and mesh extender. Google Fiber says it can offer faster speeds due to its “approach to network design.”

Google Fiber networks are designed so there’s plenty of capacity to allow our customers, with the right in-home hardware, to reach 2 Gig (and even faster) speeds. Our approach to network design allows us to keep our

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