We’re eating a lot more pizza during the pandemic. Why Domino’s is getting the biggest slice of the pie

Christel Deskins

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Once a week Brandi Johnson finds herself peeping through her red curtains, on the lookout for her favorite delivery—the one that means she doesn’t have to cook dinner. When the driver pulls around the corner and stops in front of her apartment, she runs upstairs to look out another window, this time to make sure the box is placed outside her front door.  

Like many Americans during quarantine, Johnson has been ordering a lot of pizza.

“Pizza is the perfect comfort food for me—not too messy, hard to mess up, good whether it’s hot or cold, and I don’t need silverware,” says Johnson. “It’s just a perfect guaranteed meal to have during such uncertain times.”   

Top pizza chains have benefited from the cravings of customers like Johnson. Papa

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QAnon hits the mainstream and Trump is on board

Christel Deskins

QAnon hits the mainstream and Trump is on board
QAnon hits the mainstream and Trump is on board
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If, by some strange good fortune, you remain unfamiliar with QAnon, that’s about to change. The conspiracy theory has finally gone 100 percent mainstream and is about to be fully unavoidable.

It’s nearly certain there will soon be a QAnon supporter in congress, Fox News is running ads that wink at the conspiracy, and, hell, President Donald Trump is sorta backing it now too.

First thing first: Marjorie Taylor Greene, a right-wing candidate who buys into the QAnon conspiracy theory, won a House primary runoff election in Georgia on Tuesday. The district is deeply red, meaning she will almost definitely be elected.

If you need a very quick primer on QAnon, here you go: It’s a deeply strange, pro-Trump conspiracy that believes the president is eventually going to expose and punish

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Missing movie theaters in quarantine? Head to drive-ins at movie studios and Walmart

Christel Deskins

The country is starting to open up after months of lockdown, yet social distancing and sanitary precautions are still important as ever. And although theater chains like AMC are gearing up to return in August, taking in a drive-in movie may sound appealing, especially for families.

Drive-in movie theaters have the advantages of in-person viewing while staying in the comfort, privacy and safety of your own vehicle. Social distancing is built-in, as cars are often parked six or more feet away from each other, and proper COVID-19 protocols make it easier to have fun yet stay safe.

We’ve put together a list of old and newly converted drive-ins across the country for you to check out. Scroll through to see if there’s one near you:

A user’s guide to drive-in movie theaters:  Staying safe and having fun

East Coast

Fingerlakes Drive-In, Auburn, New York

Fingerlakes Drive-In in Auburn, New York, promotes hand hygiene right at the entrance.
Fingerlakes Drive-In in Auburn, New York,
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A TODAY All Day town hall

Christel Deskins

The upcoming school year is going to look and feel different from any other. While the shifts have been necessary because of COVID, we can’t ignore how these changes will affect the mental health of children or their parents, whether kids are learning remotely or in person.

Jenna Bush Hager spoke to a panel of mental health professionals on TODAY All Day, the TODAY show’s streaming channel, for a special hour-long town hall, “Coronavirus and the Classroom,” a collaboration with Common Sense.

Related: Craig Melvin sat with experts to answer viewer questions about school safety.

Watch TODAY All Day: Get the best news, information and inspiration from TODAY, all day long.

Answering questions about children’s development and mental health were Dr. Stephanie Lee, a clinical psychologist with the Child Mind Institute, Dr. Allison Kanter Agliata, a psychologist and former head of middle school in Tampa Florida, and Tom Kerstin, a

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Edited Transcript of 9449.T earnings conference call or presentation 11-Aug-20 7:00am GMT

Christel Deskins

Tokyo Aug 12, 2020 (Thomson StreetEvents) — Edited Transcript of GMO Internet Inc earnings conference call or presentation Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 7:00:00am GMT

GMO Internet, Inc. – Executive VP, Deputy to Group CEO, Group CFO, Head of Group Management Division & Director

GMO Internet, Inc. – Founder, Group CEO & Director

Masatoshi Kumagai, GMO Internet, Inc. – Founder, Group CEO & Director [1]

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am Masatoshi Kumagai, Group CEO of GMO Internet. Let me share with you the FY ’20 second quarter financial results of GMO Internet Group. The page shows the executive summary of our earnings for the second quarter or April to June of 2020.

Net sales were up. We achieved significant increase in both operating profit and ordinary profit. Please refer to the next page. Just like the previous quarter, I’d like to explain the impact of COVID-19 to our … Read More

Maple Creme Oreos Are Back For Fall This Year And You Can Make So Many Baked Treats With Them

Christel Deskins

Photo credit: Instagram/candyhunting
Photo credit: Instagram/candyhunting

From Delish

These next few months, pumpkin is bound to be everywhere, but for those who aren’t huge pumpkin fans, Oreo has something in store for you. The limited-edition maple creme Oreos are back, and they’re perfect for eating alone or baking into your favorite Oreo desserts.

Maple creme Oreos first debuted last August for the fall season. They must have been a big hit because they’re back again this year and @CandyHunting has already bought some off Walmart’s website. This means that they’re likely on shelves already and if they aren’t quite yet, you can still order some online in the meantime.

Unlike some of the other fall-inspired Oreos (like these Halloween-themed ones filled with orange icing), maple creme Oreos feature the golden cookie rather than the traditional chocolate wafer. This gives the cookie a lighter and slightly less rich taste that pairs perfectly with the

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Leap’s Amish Tolia on the Smart Way to Operate Stores and Physical Retail Right Now

Christel Deskins

The rate of change has never been greater — or faster — for the footwear industry, with new challenges popping up every day in nearly all corners of the business, from navigating cash crunches and supply chain issues to understanding the latest technological advances. In its “Ask An Expert” series, FN asks industry leaders — all solutions-based providers — to take on some of the most timely topics.

Physical retail has been struggling for some time, with some observers even questioning whether the channel is dead. A new surge in DTC brands opening concept stores showed there was life in the model yet, but COVID-19 is now making the selling environment tougher than ever for titans and newcomers alike. Retailers are battling changing store restrictions and a wary consumer, turning store strategy into a balancing act of risk-taking and caution.

More from Footwear News

Amish Tolia, co-founder and

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How to prepare and what to wear, according to pros

Christel Deskins

It's different from a regular job interview. But there's a lot that's the same too. <span class="copyright">(Ross May / Los Angeles Times; Getty Images)</span>
It’s different from a regular job interview. But there’s a lot that’s the same too. (Ross May / Los Angeles Times; Getty Images)

Job interviews are always stressful.

Now throw in a global pandemic, record unemployment and the potential technological pitfalls of a video call. If you’re on a job hunt, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of an interview over video chat.

It’s different from a regular job interview. But there’s a lot that’s the same too. And you don’t even have to worry about hitting traffic or finding the right address.

Take a few deep breaths, then read on to learn how to nail your next Zoom interview. (Full disclosure: Times owner Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is an investor in Zoom.)

What to wear

You might be showing up to your work meetings in your pajamas at this point, but this is an occasion to

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Race Is a Parenting Issue, Which Makes It Fair to Talk About in Online Parenting Groups

Christel Deskins

Across America, the issue of racism has come to the forefront of discourse in many different formats. If you are a parent and have social media, chances are you might be a member of an online parent group or forum. As a member of a few groups myself, it has become apparent to me that many administrators are grappling with how to address the Black Lives Matter movement and antiracist rhetoric.

Some admins in the groups I’m in have characterized the issue as political, calling it a topic too controversial to be discussed on their pages. This begs the question whether racism is a parenting issue or a political one. Discussion about the former is, of course, allowed in parenting groups. Discussion regarding the latter is usually banned – but I don’t think it should be.

By framing racism as a political issue and discouraging parents from discussing it, I

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Oakland County Names Winners Of Online Coronavirus Safety Contest

Christel Deskins

OAKLAND COUNTY, MI — Four Oakland County residents this week were named winners of the ‘Oakland Together’ COVID-19 Safety Video and Art Contest.

The winners were chosen by a public vote and created videos and art projects that delivered the message that everyone should do their part to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Oakland County is so fortunate to have such wonderfully talented artists and story tellers in our midst,” Oakland County Executive David Coulter said. “Their collective message is simple and to the point. We have an obligation to our families, those we care about, our coworkers, classmates and friends, and even those we don’t know to wear a facial covering to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

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The contest

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