Day: June 29, 2020

Canada’s models show virus slowing but could surge, temporary foreign workers boosting Ontario cases

Yahoo News Canada is committed to providing our readers with the most accurate and recent information on all things coronavirus. We know things change quickly, including some possible information in this story. For the latest on COVID-19, we encourage our readers to consult online resources like Canada’s public health website, World Health Organization, as well as our own Yahoo Canada homepage.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread around the world, Canadians seem to be increasingly concerned about their health and safety

Currently, there are more than 102,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in Canada and more than 8,500 deaths.

Check back for the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak in Canada.

For a full archive of the first month of the pandemic, please check our archive of events.

June 29

3:50 p.m.: ‘These recent outbreaks are concerning’

Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Ontario’s associate chief medical officer of health, spoke

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25 Easy Ways to Be Kinder to Others (and Yourself)

Real talk: The world is kind of a mess right now. And some of the struggles that we’re facing seem so monumental that it’s easy to feel down about the current state of affairs. But rest assured—there are things you can do to help those around you. You can sign petitions. You can donate money. You can practice social distancing to keep vulnerable people safe. And may we offer another suggestion? You can be kind.

Every time you do something nice for others—without expecting anything in return—you make the world just that much better. Are we saying that putting change in someone else’s parking meter is going to solve the world’s problems? Obviously not. But it will make someone’s day a little brighter. And here’s the funny thing about kindness: It’s contagious. That person might just pay it forward and do something considerate or charitable for somebody else, who

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Without Concerts, Artists Are Turning to Ice Cream Deals and Sponsored Livestreams

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In the last couple of months, United Talent Agency (UTA),which represents artists including Post Malone and Chance the Rapper, has closed 165 brand partnership deals for its artists. Co-heads of UTA’s music brand partnerships division Alisann Blood and Toni Wallace say they expect to close twice as many deals as in 2020 as in a more typical year.

UTA’s competitor Creative Arts Agency (CAA) this week surpassed its 100th brand deal since the coronavirus — hitting the milestone much more earlier than usual in the year, says CAA head of music brand partnerships Tom Worcester.

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“In the early days of the pandemic, it was just everything heightened on steroids” — Toni Wallace, United Talent Agency Co-Head of music brand partnerships

As concerts and tours — which are many artists’ largest revenue stream — stay on hold, digital brand-marketing partnerships

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We Are Blood Seeks COVID-19 Plasma Donations For Treatments

ROUND ROCK, TX —We Are Blood seeks plasma donations from individuals who have had a lab-confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 and have fully recovered from a COVID-19 infections to treat patients currently fighting the disease. As a convalescent plasma donor, eligible donors must have had a prior lab-confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 and must have not experienced COVID-19 symptoms for at least 12-28 days, as well as meeting standard donor eligibility.

If a patient has fully recovered from the virus, and is interested in being considered as a convalescent plasma donor, or for more information on We Are Blood, click HERE.

Via We Are Blood COVID-19 Response:

To ensure that we can keep our community safe while collecting blood donations, we have implemented the following protocols to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus:

  • All donors are required to wear face masks or coverings when donating with We Are Blood, at

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‘It’s really bad. I’m left with nothing’

Dawn Guilfoyle is one of thousands who have been barred from using their cash cards because of the failure of huge German payments firm Wirecard.

“It’s really bad. I’m left with nothing,” she says. “Once the gas goes off, I’ll have none for cooking or hot water.”

Ms Guilfoyle’s card, from the online firm Pockit, has been frozen because the UK financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wants to make sure the money is safe.

It is one of dozens of payment cards and foreign currency cards which have been blocked, because they used a payment processing service owned by Wirecard.

Wirecard’s UK arm insisted the problem was “temporary” and progress was being made.

Many of Pockit’s hundreds of thousands of customers have their benefits paid into the card account, which is easier to open than a bank account.

No timeframe

Ms Guilfoyle, a single mother from Poplar, in

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A new #MeToo movement is erupting online as allegations of sexual misconduct hit celebrities, influencers, and streamers

Demonstrators in a #MeToo survivors' March in response to high-profile sexual-harassment scandals, on November 12, 2017, in Los Angeles.
Demonstrators in a #MeToo survivors’ March in response to high-profile sexual-harassment scandals, on November 12, 2017, in Los Angeles.

David McNew/Getty Images

  • Waves of social activism and callout culture have defined quarantine, starting with the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, followed by viral workplace-inequality stories, and now hundreds of new allegations of sexual harassment and assault being disseminated online.

  • The surge of allegations echoes the 2017 #MeToo movement inspired by the Harvey Weinstein accusations, which brought about widespread use of the hashtag.

  • This time viral allegations of sexual misconduct against the comedian Chris D’Elia seemed to have sparked a new wave of accusations against A-list teen celebrities, video-game streamers and developers, wrestling professionals, and internet personalities.

  • While some allegations have been substantiated and some have had consequences for the accused, the outpouring of allegations on social media has largely been subjected to the court of online opinion —

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Here’s Exactly Where to Buy Face Masks Online

Practicing social distancing is the best thing you can do to slow the spread of COVID-19, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises you to wear a cloth face covering in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, like protests, grocery stores, and pharmacies. With this recommendation, everyone wants to know where to buy face masks. We rounded up some options below—from face masks for kids to breathable face masks and more—and we’ll update this list as companies go in and out of stock.

Cloth face masks don’t guarantee you won’t contract the virus or pass it on, but they’re a public health measure we should all seriously consider, whether you’re protesting or in a city that’s slowly reopening. If you’re unsure of where to buy face masks for yourself or your family, shop the brands below—but be aware that overwhelming demand could result in

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Best July Fourth Sales and Deals

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This year, July Fourth falls on a Saturday, which means retailers are running all sorts of sales and promotions for the holiday weekend. Many of these deals and discounts are already available, so you don’t have to wait for the weekend to shop and save.

July Fourth sales are typically similar to what you’ll find for Memorial Day and Labor Day: Large appliances, mattresses, grills, and some tech devices are seeing big discounts right now. And Consumer Reports has been tracking all the best holiday weekend sales on top-tested products to make your search easier.

If you decide to shop in a store, consider wearing a mask, and employ basic

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Beaches are opening up in Canada, but what rules apply?

Beaches are opening up in Canada, but what rules apply?
Beaches are opening up in Canada, but what rules apply?

Beaches are either open — or starting to open — in Canada for the season.

But this year will be different. COVID-19 has made physical distancing a top priority, and officials are taking steps to ensure Canadians can have a safe and enjoyable beach visit.

But things are changing quickly.

While some beaches opened in Ontario earlier this month, for example, all beaches in the South Bruce Peninsula were promptly closed after thousands of people crammed themselves into small spaces along sandy shores, sparking fears of a COVID-19 resurgence.

The closure speaks to our current climate of uncertainty as officials try to balance public health and leisurely activities.


As tourism cautiously opens up around the world, some sea-side destinations are taking precautions to make sure their beaches remain safe.

In Canet D’en Berengeur on

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5 rules every virtual wedding guest should follow

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, many engaged couples had to press pause on their dream weddings. Some decided to postpone their celebrations, but many others opted to host a virtual wedding ceremony so they could keep their original date while family and friends call or video in.

Online weddings are a fairly new phenomenon for everyone, and if you’ve been invited to one, you may not be sure what to expect. From dress codes to gift giving and everything in between, there’s a whole unique set of etiquette rules for virtual wedding ceremonies. TODAY Style consulted the experts to help you navigate this uncharted territory like a pro.

COVID-19 Stay safe Stay connected. Happy young couple video calling friends using laptop at home. Man and woman online chatting with family during coronavirus lockdown and social distancing. (Getty Images)
COVID-19 Stay safe Stay connected. Happy young couple video calling friends using laptop at home. Man and woman online chatting with family during coronavirus lockdown and social distancing. (Getty Images)

1. Virtual weddings are not an excuse to dress sloppily

One of

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