Month: June 2020

Netgear Debuts New Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System

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Netgear on Tuesday announced the arrival of the Orbi AX4200 (RBK752) Wi-Fi 6 mesh system. The new product joins the WiFi 6 AX6000 Tri-band Mesh System (RBK852), the company’s existing flagship system, but is available at what the company calls a “more attractive” price point.

The new system can support up to 40 devices, while the flagship can support more than 60, while the RBK752’s listed Wi-Fi speed is 600+1200+2400. The RBK852 boasts double that. The new system, according to Netgear, is aimed at families with “slightly fewer devices.”

The product, the company says, is “designed to make robust whole-home WiFi 6 mesh accessible to more households around the globe.”

“In the current environment where home networks are now constrained by every member of the household working from home, distance learning and streaming video or playing online games, this new Orbi WiFi 6

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NASA simulates alien sunsets from the solar system and beyond

NASA simulates alien sunsets from the solar system and beyond
NASA simulates alien sunsets from the solar system and beyond

NASA has revealed a fabulous new collection of simulated sunsets, allowing us to see what the view would be like from the surface of another world.

When scientists make plans for a new space mission, part of the design process involves trying to come up with just about every conceivable situation the spacecraft could encounter on its journey and when it reaches its destination. At the same time, they also try to think about everything the mission team back on Earth could possibly need to interpret what the spacecraft sees and experiences.


The planet Uranus, as seen by Voyager 2 in 1986. Credit: NASA

In going through some of these steps for a possible future mission to the planet Uranus, NASA planetary scientist Geronimo Villanueva came up with something truly remarkable – a set of simulations that reveal what

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Which Ones Make More Money Than You?

Although fans won’t be back in stadiums for the rest of this season’s Major League Baseball games, the mascots will be. The MLB reversed a ruling banning mascots from the park amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, the Associated Press reported. Mascots can now be in the stands, though they are not allowed on the field, which could possibly mean that mascot traditions like the Sausage Race in Milwaukee and the dashing Presidents in Washington won’t be able to take place. As for mascots from other leagues, including the NBA, their future remains more uncertain.

As the Phillie Phanatic, Mr. Met and other MLB mascots prepare to make enthusiastic returns to their stadiums, see how much bank these mascots make for their home team spirit — you’ll see that this odd job can pay pretty well.

Last updated: June 30, 2020

How Mascot Salaries Stack Up

If you’re

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The 101 Best Albums of the 2010s

Why now? Because and there’s no reason to ignore the elephant in the room: SPIN stewardship has changed hands many, many times since we made the online jump we got our chance. Because plenty of our favorite albums of the last 10 years could still use a boost. Because some of the already unanimously beloved music on this list still merits further praise. Because we relish excuses to sound off on the music that’s affected us the most and to enlist some of our favorite writers to do so. Because the works of art below serve as a reminder that the 2010s weren’t all bad. Because lord knows we need the distraction. Because it’s fun.

There’s a lot of music that isn’t on this list. Which, duh, but plenty of artists whose work defined the decade for many, many people, including many of us, just wouldn’t fit. Some

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Nasdaq Outperforms Major Indices in 1H20: ETFs to Gain

The first half of 2020 has been majorly dominated by the coronavirus pandemic. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index, however, showed some resilience to the virus attack and has managed to gain around 10% so far. However, other major stock market indices like Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 index have lost around 10.3% and 6.6%, respectively, in the same period.

Even since Mar 23, when the coronavirus worries had peaked, ravaging the stock market, the Nasdaq has recouped losses and gained more than 43% against Dow Jones Industrial Average index’s recovery of around 37% and the broader S&P 500 index’s 36% rise. Going by Dow Jones Market Data, for the second time since its foundation in 1971, Nasdaq has been able to outperform peers in the middle of the year (per a MarketWatch article). The same phenomenon was last observed in 1977.

It is being widely believed that

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A complete timeline of how the internet turned against top YouTubers Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star began collaborating in 2018, and have netted tens of millions of dollars together.
Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star began collaborating in 2018, and have netted tens of millions of dollars together.

Screenshot Instagram/@shanedawson, Twitter/@shanedawson

  • Shane Dawson disappeared under growing backlash this week against his old racist content, along with his conduct and statements regarding children and pedophiles that many deemed to be inappropriate. 

  • Dawson’s explosive written response and video apology were drowned out by angry comments and exposé videos — which also targeted his frequent collaborator Jeffree Star. 

  • Together, Dawson and Star have spent the past two years cultivating controversy for their own benefit, but the tide has now turned against them, and they’re losing friends and followers.

  • Notably, Dawson was called out Saturday by Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith, and on Monday, Target told Insider that they were in the process of removing his books from shelves. 

  • On Tuesday, Dawson was demonetized by YouTube and his makeup was dropped by Morphe.

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Facebook tells users how to stop false stories in their news feed

The Facebook "like" sign is seen at Facebook's corporate headquarters campus in Menlo Park, California, on October 23, 2019: JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images
The Facebook “like” sign is seen at Facebook’s corporate headquarters campus in Menlo Park, California, on October 23, 2019: JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images

Facebook has launched a new campaign to help people spot false stories and misinformation.

The ads will encourage people to question what they read online, in their Facebook news feeds and elsewhere, when they launch from July.

It comes as Facebook and other platforms face questions over how tightly they should regulate misleading stories, and whether they are doing enough to stop their spread.

Devised in consultation with fact-checking partner Full Fact, the ads will ask the public to check whether a post is from a trusted source, ensure they read beyond headlines, and be alert to manipulated images, as well as reflecting on how it makes them feel.

“People who make false news try to manipulate your feelings,” warns one of the messages.

“If it

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Reddit is a haven for kinky people who’ve struggled to escape real-life discrimination and online censorship

sex health sexual genitals female male anatomy peach crotch orgasm pleasure same sex reproduction penis testicles anal vagina vibrator toy sperm uterus ovaries condom safe sex cox 144
sex health sexual genitals female male anatomy peach crotch orgasm pleasure same sex reproduction penis testicles anal vagina vibrator toy sperm uterus ovaries condom safe sex cox 144

Crystal Cox/Business Insider

  • Reddit is home to hundreds of NSFW and sexual kink communities that allow users to share experiences, ask for advice, and meet like-minded people in a non-judgmental space.

  • Before Reddit was founded in 2005, queer people created online communities using dial-up chat rooms. One of the earliest known is net.motss, which was created in 1983.

  • As Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have shut down “adult content,” Reddit has become known as the most sex-positive mainstream social media platform.

  • In a world where sex education falls short and largely ignores marginalized people, Reddit’s kink communities also act as an educational tool.

  • This story is part of a series commemorating Reddit’s 15th anniversary.

  • Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

“Opening the doors

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10 Films and Events Worth Your Time at YouTube’s Global Online Film Festival

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In a normal year, the biggest film event in May would be the Cannes Film Festival. Now, summer has started with all of its prominent film events canceled or transformed, but Tribeca Enterprises and YouTube have found one way to keep programmers busy. We Are One: A Global Film Festival starts May 29 at, and continues for 10 days with a slew of films and pre-recorded conversations from 21 festivals. The selections will stream for free on YouTube during their scheduled times.

Of course, it’s easy enough to get lost on YouTube, but the We Are One programming has enough reliable perspectives to make the exploration worthwhile: Participating festivals include Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Toronto, New York, BFI London, Karlovy Vary, and Locarno. While only 13 of the 100 films are world premieres, the lineup provides a diverse window into different curatorial

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Where 23 states stand on NFL, coronavirus measures

Amid the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic in America, the NFL is pressing forward with plans to keep the 2020 regular season on schedule.

The league told its 32 teams Thursday that they can proceed to host training camps at the end of July, which is typical.

What state bodies are saying about the NFL season carries weight. And while it’s all speculative until the pressure point of a late July opening rolls around, some of the governors with significant power over the process have made some telling comments or put forth important guidelines.

With that in mind, we looked at all 23 states with teams in play and focused on what the governors have been saying about the NFL’s fall schedule or their plan to reopen their states to normal business coming out of the summer.

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