How to get a better sleep using these latest gadgets

Christel Deskins

Sleep technology is big business

French novelist Jules Verne remarked: ‘Though sleep is called our best friend, it is a friend who often keeps us waiting.’

And when there’s a global pandemic, people have to wait longer than usual.

According to a recent survey by market research company Ipsos MORI and King’s College London, more than half the UK has struggled with shut-eye during lockdown, with stress a key factor in ruining the nation’s slumber.

And this could have major implications, with NHS England reporting that ‘regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes’.

It also shortens life expectancy. The good news, however, is that tech can offer solutions…

Most sleep technology can be divided into one of three categories: devices that can help you nod off, track your sleep or wake you up. Many boast multiple functionality.

Simply put, sleep

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High-speed internet expands in Juniata County | Business

Christel Deskins

The Daily Item

MIFFLINTOWN — High-speed internet access is expanding in Juniata County, thanks to an effort by the Juniata County Commissioners in partnership with SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG), of Lewisburg, and internet service provider Centre WISP.

Residents and businesses within eight miles of the Black Log tower near the Village of Honey Grove in Reeds Gap were set to begin receiving services this past week, potentially reaching hundreds of customers when it is at capacity at year’s end.

Nearly 200 residents and businesses across the county have indicated interest in receiving the internet service, according to Centre WISP.

Brad Kerstetter, director of the Juniata County Office of Planning and Community Development, directed the project while working with SEDA-COG to secure state and federal funds to incentivize the internet expansion project and to select Centre WISP.

Through the grant funding, Centre WISP will receive a total of $142,000 for the

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Kitchen gadgets, tech gear, and more on sale already at Black Friday prices

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Cyber Monday has come early this year.
Cyber Monday has come early this year.

Image: revol

There are still three more months of 2020, which means you have around 100 days to make it a better year. There is hope for us yet. Step one — treat yourself.

For one weekend only, you can slash an extra 20% off these gadgets and gizmos because why the hell not have a huge sale in September? There are deals on kitchen appliances, phone and computer accessories, sanitizing equipment, and more. Just use the code VIPSALE20 at checkout to knock down the price. 

Cashew Smart Wallet with Biometrics and Bluetooth

With fingerprint authentication and integrated Bluetooth, this wallet doesn’t just hold your money and cards — it ensures they’re

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Odisha eyes high-speed internet for all panchayats by April’21: Tech News

The Odisha government on Tuesday set a goal to provide high-speed Internet access to all 6,798 panchayats in the state by April next year, officials said. The decision was made at a meeting chaired by Chief Secretary AK Tripathy, they said.

He considered the progress made so far and was in charge of electronics and information Technology (E&IT) Department to accelerate the implementation of Phase II of the BharatNet program and provide connectivity to all gram panchayats by April 2021. “The digital infrastructure will enable growth and development in the state,” said Tripathy.

He also indicated that Wi-Fi connectivity should be provided at the panchayats’ main activity points. All government offices, including the schools, medical centers and banks, also have access to the connectivity, he said.

Each panchayat would have five connection points for use by institutions and government offices, Tripathy said. The main commercial place of the panchayats would

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The Best Work From Home Gadgets For Your Money (PART 1/2)

Working from home isn’t going anywhere. In a highly unscientific Twitter Followers poll, 50% of 118 respondents said they were never going back to the office. Data across the web both confirm and counters this finding. Working from home isn’t as difficult as many believed it to be but nor is it ideal. As everyone logs on from kitchen tables to realize their home is not their office, some items may be useful to convert space and make the 9-5 (and time afterward) a bit more bearable. Look out for part two in October.

1) Portal [Facebook] 

Sleek, integrated and works with WhatsApp, Messenger and a host of other apps, Portal is your all in one device that people can use to contact you. Instead of the chin and cheek pictures of phones, Portal uses its technology to frame

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USDA investing $4M in rural high-speed internet – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

BROWNSTOWN, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing nearly $4 million to provide broadband service in unserved and underserved rural areas in Indiana. The Jackson County Rural Electric Membership Corp. will use a $1.9 million loan and a $1.9 million grant to deploy a fiber network it says will connect thousands of citizens to high-speed broadband internet in Jackson and Lawrence counties.

The USDA says the investment is part of the $550 million allocated by Congress for the second round of the ReConnect Program. Through the program, the department says more than 4,800 people, nearly 200 farms and 36 businesses will have access to high-speed internet.

“I’m so glad to see this investment in infrastructure in my home state of Indiana,” said USDA Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs Ted McKinney. “In my conversations with our overseas trading partners, we often speak about

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Half of Brits bored of keeping up with latest tech gadgets, study finds

Research of 2,000 adults found three quarters are no longer willing to pay ‘extortionate’ amounts for the newest tech when it is released. And eight in 10 don’t like to feel pushed by manufacturers into moving with the times – opting instead to get their tech as and when they need it. Although 62 percent feel their hands are often forced as they believe the lifespan of tech has become shorter and shorter.

The study, by musicMagpie, also revealed that 88 percent of adults think it’s financially wasteful buying or upgrading to the latest smartphone the moment they’re released.

The figures come after data from musicMagpie’s Annual Phone Depreciation Report found mobile phones can lose up to 68 percent of their original purchase value in the first six months.

As a result, three in 10 of the adults polled intend to spend less on smartphones and other forms of tech

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VP Debate 2020: What is Operation Warp Speed? Pence hails vaccine project, Internet says ‘it doesn’t sound safe’

Vice President Mike Pence touted Operation Warp Speed, President Donald Trump’s project to churn the development of a Covid-19 vaccine, during the vice presidential debate on Wednesday, October 7. In the debate, Pence was asked about the rising death toll of Americans due to Covid-19 by moderator Susan Page, the USA Today Washington bureau chief. 
Pence then defended Trump’s Covid-19 measures. He said that the president’s decision to cancel travel from China was one of the most important decisions that helped save many lives. He added that from the very first day, POTUS has put the health of the American people first. Pence then hailed Operation Warp Speed and said, “Under President Trump’s leadership, Operation Warp Speed, we believe will have literally tens of millions of vaccine doses by the end of this year.” 

US Vice President Mike Pence participates in the vice presidential debate against Democratic vice presidential nominee
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Amazon’s new gadget lets you pay with the palm of your hand

Amazon is getting into palm-reading — but it wants to sell you groceries rather than tell your fortune.

The e-commerce colossus on Thursday officially announced a new device which will allow shoppers to pay for groceries at retail stores using the palms of their hands, a year after The Post first reported that the project was in the works.

The so-called Amazon One device uses high-tech imaging and algorithms to create a “unique palm signature” based on the ridges, lines and veins in each person’s hand.

The system, which the company has rolled out at two of its Amazon Go stores in Seattle, uses the biometric information to link each hand to a credit card the shopper has on file.

“We believe Amazon One has broad applicability beyond our retail stores, so we also plan to offer the service to third parties like retailers, stadiums, and office buildings so that

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Texas on alert as Tropical Storm Beta crawls toward the coast

There was a naming frenzy in the tropics yesterday as the National Hurricane Center reeled off three new named storms back to back: Wilfred, Alpha, and Beta. That’s only the second time in the record book that that’s happened – 3 storms reaching tropical-storm status in the same day. The previous occurrence was on August 15, 1893. Two of the three 1893 storms were extremely consequential hurricanes – one hitting New York City and the other a horrific Category 3 storm that hit the low-lying Sea Islands near Savannah, Georgia.

What we know about the evolution of those 1893 storms is very different than today, of course. So whether those three storms actually acquired 40 mph winds on the same date is open to question.

Of the modern newcomers, the storm of primary interest is Tropical Storm Beta.

Tropical Storm Beta satellite image on Saturday, Sept. 19.
Tropical Storm Beta satellite image on Saturday, Sept. 19. (WPLG)

All of

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